Give Your Face a Makeover with These Spring Makeup Trends


Spring is just around the corner and this means that it is time to revamp your spring makeup routine. You can wear different cat eye makeup with a variety of outfits during the week. This spring expect many fashionistas to rock plenty of pink-influenced makeup. You can buy pink makeup in diverse shades and one factor behind this trend is the revival of quirky yet fabulous 80s makeup styles. Here are additional makeup trends for this spring.
Get Metallic With Those Eyes
This spring, be on the lookout for metallic eye makeup. If you like to wear different cat eye makeup, this style works well with metallic colors. To rock this style successfully, start by applying a light base over your eyelids. Then you would put on the metallic color before applying a medium tone on top. Near the outer section of your eye apply a darker shade then put on the mascara. You can also apply the metallic eyeshadow in the middle of the lids for extra flair.
Or You Can Be Natural with the Makeup
Another cool makeup trend for the spring is the wearing of natural makeup. You don’t always have to be flashy or bold in your makeup routine. Nude and neutral toned makeup works well on people of diverse skin tones and this look works well in professional settings. In addition, some people are deciding to go for a clear complexion with barely any makeup on. This makes for an earthy and bohemian approach to makeup.
Passionate and Bold Lips Rule
Spring is all about color so why not use this year’s trend of bold lipstick colors to your advantage? Those with dark or olive skin tones can pull off bold lipstick colors such as fuchsia, orange, gold and violet. These lipstick colors especially complement your special occasion outfits. With these ideas, you will look fabulous when you step out this spring.